Community Businesses

Citizen Advocates and North Star Industries own and operate several community businesses and also partner with private organizations and companies throughout Franklin County to provide employment opportunities to those individuals with disabilities. These enterprises are part of their local Chamber of Commerce and several have served the communities in which they are located for over 20 years. Citizen Advocates and North Star Industries operate and partner with the following businesses:


As Citizen Advocates’ oldest community business, the HHOTT House located on Petrova Avenue in Saranac Lake has successfully employed those with disabilities for over 30 years. One of the only horticulture enterprises of its kind in New York State, this unique program today realizes $300,000 in annual sales and gives employed individuals an immense sense of pride as a top provider of homegrown horticulture products in the Tri-Lakes region. Skills learned in the HHOTT House program range from horticultural knowledge surrounding seeding, transplanting, and inventory techniques, to interpersonal skills like waiting on customers, operating cash registers, and other customer service duties – skills that translate directly to for-profit retail settings. For more information, contact 518.891.4665.

NICKELS Redemption Center

When New York State passed a five-cent bottle deposit bill in the early 1980s, Citizen Advocates and North Star Industries saw an opportunity to create a redemption business that could provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities. NICKELS Redemption Center in Malone became a reality in 1996. Today, NICKELS functions as a robust enterprise within the community and employs numerous residents of Northern Franklin County. In 2010, the Saranac Lake work center began operating a NICKELS redemption and sorting center on Edgewood Road in Saranac Lake. Combined, the two sorting centers process more than 14 million containers annually. Contact us today at 518.483.1250 or 518.891.2590 for more information.

Clean Sweep Janitorial Services and Adirondack Micrographics

Citizen Advocates’ Clean Sweep Janitorial Services and Adirondack Micrographics programs provide employment opportunities to residents in the Malone area, offering vocational and emotional supports to those diagnosed with mental illnesses.

  • Clean Sweep provides janitorial, cleaning, and yard maintenance services to government and private entities within the Malone, Clinton County and St. Lawrence County areas for mental health clients looking for a structured work environment. Among the organizations and companies who have contracted Clean Sweep’s services over the years have been U.S. Border Stations (Department of Homeland Security), The United States Army Reserve Centers, and The New York State Department of Labor. Clean Sweep provides employment to 20 individuals.
  • Adirondack Micrographics is a small enterprise offering microfiching and document scanning and destruction services to businesses and government entities in and around the Malone area and provides employment opportunities to roughly 10 individuals. Started in 1996, this enterprise was made possible through the Special Employment Services Programs for eligible referrals from the Office of Mental Health (OMH).

For more information about Clean Sweep Janitorial Services and Adirondack Micrographics, contact us today at 518.483.8600.

Other Community Partnerships

In addition to the above Citizen Advocates owned-and-operated enterprises and other contractual agreements, North Star Industries also provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities through community partnerships with public and private entities. Among these opportunities are laundry services for Citizen Advocates’ own residential programs in Malone, collating and preparing mailings for the American Management Association in Saranac Lake, building hospital patient kits for Alice Hyde Hospital, and more.

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