Day Programs

Starting in the early 1980’s, Citizen Advocates’ North Star Day Program Services have evolved and grown immensely over the years in an effort to aid people with developmental disabilities further integrate into their communities by providing the most progressive and professional services possible. We serve individuals ranging from ages three to 88 with a broad spectrum of developmental disabilities to provide access to the clinical services and life skills supports and training required to live more self-chosen, meaningful and independent lives. Supports are provided in people’s own homes, in certified facilities, and in the community. The array of services currently offered through participation in our Day Programs is available in Northern and Southern Franklin County, as well as Clinton and St. Lawrence Counties. Explore our employment opportunities or contact us today for more information at 518.483.1250 or 518.891.2590. Currently the North Star Day Program offers the following services:

Day Habilitation

North Star’s day habilitation programs are designed to aid individuals with developmental disabilities acquire, retain, and improve their social interactions, communication skills, personal and health care competency, and daily living skills, including computer skills, basic safety and money management. Our day habilitation programs include a wide variety of services to support the recreational and personal interests of participants – from regular community inclusion at local YMCAs and outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, and fishing. Day habilitation additionally includes involvement in a number of community and volunteer activities with service organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Wildlife Refuges, and food pantries. Our facility-based programs offer a number of clinical supports to participants, such as nursing, and psychology, physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Community Habilitation

As part of North Star’s Day Programs, community habilitation provides access to a variety of everyday life activities for participating individuals with developmental disabilities who do not require the clinical services and therapies offered by the facility-based day habilitation program. Providing assistance when needed, these programs teach the necessary skills required to complete routine shopping, bill paying, and attendance at community functions. This includes managing household tasks like organizing bills, general household upkeep, or completing homework, to providing transportation to and advocacy during medical appointments for those who need assistance with communication.

Respite Services

For those people with developmental disabilities who reside with their families, North Star offers hourly respite services to relieve caregivers while providing support to individuals served. Citizen Advocates prides itself on quality and meaningful care – our respite services are no different and are designed to enrich the lives of participants. Generally, respite services are unscheduled and irregular, serving unexpected and temporary needs of families supporting their loved ones.

Self-Directed Services

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)

At the center of North Star’s Day Programs is Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC). Funded by the Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)and Medicaid, Medicaid Service Coordinators serve as liaisons between those with developmental disabilities and the agencies that provide the services needed by each participant in Citizen Advocates’ Day Programs. As such, Medicaid Service Coordinators have the following responsibilities to the individuals they serve:

  1. Determine eligibility for the multitude of services potentially available to individuals
  2. Aid individuals in maintaining access to acquired benefits and entitlements
  3. Continually assess and coordinate the care, services and supports needed and utilized by individuals on a case-by-case basis
  4. Provide advocacy at home and in communities, schools, and places of employment
  5. Partner to enroll individuals with vendors of habilitation and other programs


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