The Office of Mental Health

Offering temporary residential services, Citizen Advocates and North Star Residential Services partner with the Office of Mental Health (OMH) to provide a number of options that provide safe, therapeutic, and home-like settings to those with chronic mental illnesses. Geared toward individuals recovering from a mental illness, or perhaps even transitioning from a psychiatric institution, North Star’s mental health residential programs offer independent living solutions as an alternative to hospitalization. In addition to providing living arrangements, North Star Residential Services place emphasis on skill development and symptom management and offer a wide variety of complementary services including intensive psychiatric rehabilitation, short-term stays, resident choice and consumer evaluations, and an appropriate range of individualized services consistent with the desire, tolerance, and capacity of residents. Currently, residencies serving mental health patients are located in Southern and Northern Franklin County.

Treatment Apartment Program

Licensed by New York State’s Office of Mental Health, North Star’s Treatment Apartment Program places a heavy emphasis on skill development to assist residents with preparation for independent living.  North Star’s Treatment Apartment Program secures an apartment and furnishings.  A highly trained staff also provides daily support to all participants based on the participant’s individual needs.  Individualized, recovery-oriented treatment plans are developed with each person.  A partnership is formed between staff and participants to work on the goals of each individual participating in the program. 

Supported Housing Program

The Supported Housing Program is a housing program that provides rental assistance and furnishings to individuals working within our behavioral health services.  The goal of the program is to help individuals secure safe, decent and affordable housing.  Temporary rent stipends, case management assistance, furnishings and transportation to and from medical and behavioral health services appointments are available through the Supported Housing Program.

Adirondack Youth Lodge

The Adirondack Youth Lodge is an 8-bed residential facility, set in the foothills of the Northern Adirondack Mountains, architecturally styled after a "Great Camp". The Youth Lodge provides local treatment options for at-risk males and females (ages 12-18) from across upstate New York.  The treatment team at the Youth Lodge employs a strength-based approach within a trauma-informed model, engaging youth and their families to improve their relationships.  Restorative interventions are tailored to meet the child “where they’re at”, while remaining focused on empowering the child’s entire network of support.

Webster Street Community Residence

Webster St. Community Residence is a residential program that provides assistance to individuals to prepare for independent community living.  Webster St. Community Residence has highly trained staffs who works daily with program participants. Serving 10 individuals at a time, the Webster St. team helps individuals in the program identify their life goals and build a recovery oriented plan to identify steps needed to achieve their goals.   

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