Person-Centered, Comprehensive Services

Since 1975, Citizen Advocates and the North Star Family of Services have evolved to offer a comprehensive set of services to accommodate the needs of individuals living with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and substance abuse problems in the North Country. Professionally operated at all levels, our clinically trained and compassionate staff have provided unparalleled care to the countless individuals served at our own facilities and throughout North Country communities. We strive to provide the best possible treatment to those individuals who need it most – and we’ll be there every step of the way to help you and your loved ones achieve a better quality of life.

Serving Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral Health

Serving a wide variety of ages, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical ability levels, and individual life situations, Citizen Advocates and the North Star Family offer services across a wide spectrum including Behavioral Health Services serving individuals with both mental health illnesses and substance use problems, Residential Services that provide secure and educational living options to those with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses, Vocational Services offering employment opportunities in Citizen Advocates run enterprises and other external organizations, and Day Programs that provide opportunities for life-skills building and socialization for individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as Medicaid Service Coordination to assist with the multitude of services and care support each person with developmental disabilities may need. And throughout all of our services, we strive to provide education, opportunity, and support to participating individuals as they aspire toward successful community integration as valuable, contributing members of society.

Respect for the Individual

At Citizen Advocates, each of the services we offer aims to provide comprehensive solutions to participating individuals looking to improve their lives. We respect the rights of all of our participants to the extent that they can determine their paths to recovery, habilitation and a better quality of life as their abilities allow. And when we say individualized care, we mean it. We offer substance abuse programs that include patient-centered therapy sessions to determine the best course of action, residential services that evaluate individuals on a case-by-case basis to create uniquely tailored living plans and day programs to encourage participation in meaningful, self-chosen and safe activities. And with our vocational services that assist individuals in transitioning from sheltered workshop settings to supported work programs, and on to employment in their communities, we respect the individual and the role they play in all of our service areas in order to provide the highest level of unique and individualized care.

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