Vocational Services

At Citizen Advocates, we believe that the strongest motivation toward self-support and independence for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses is paid meaningful work. Since our inception, we have successfully made this belief a reality for countless North Country residents with a wide variety of disabilities and cognitive levels. At North Star Industries, a branch of Citizen Advocates, we offer extensive vocational services and employment opportunities that occur in work centers, supported work programs, and community businesses. Today, our programs not only provide a source of income to those who would not otherwise have it, but they also empower individuals toward self-sufficiency and provide the necessary confidence to function successfully within their communities.

Facility-Based Work Programs

The HHOTT House in Saranac Lake, Adirondack Wood Furnishings in Malone, and other Citizen Advocates vocational initiatives have become mainstays in their respective communities. Working in conjunction with a number of private organizations and companies as well as at our own Citizen Advocates owned businesses, our facility-based work programs strive to teach both the fundamentals and more advanced work skills in addition to knowledge surrounding workplace readiness. Ultimately, our work centers and community businesses, as well as our supported work programs, serve as ‘stepping stones’ toward future job opportunities outside of the structured support system of North Star Industries and Citizen Advocates.

Quality Work for Quality of Life

The ultimate goal of Citizen Advocates’ vocational services is to provide an appropriate continuum of vocational opportunities while striving to help individuals realize their highest potential for employment. Achieving a maximum level of self-sufficiency and independence are personal outcome measures for our program participants and we strive to meet the needs of each individual by providing as much integration with community members without disabilities as possible. Each participant’s work provides them with a regular source of income in addition to a sense of continued confidence and pride. And that pride is well earned – products produced by Citizen Advocates’ programs, such as a classic Adirondack chair from Adirondack Wood Furnishings or a carefully cared for Christmas Poinsettia from the HHOTT House, are quality work that aid in providing a better quality of life for those who produce them. Discover what Citizen Advocates’ work programs have to offer - contact us today to learn more.

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